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Ask is an integrated campaign to reduce methamphetamine use. Central to the campaign is—an encyclopedic online source of information about Meth for teens—supported by new television, radio, print, online, mobile, and social media campaigns. A web-centric social network built around the theme "Ask," the campaign challenges teens to consider what they know about Meth, and equips them with facts, tools, and resources to understand the risks of the drug and influence their peers. provides the immersive, multimedia experience teens have come to expect in the digital world. Organized around getting answers, speaking out, and taking action, addresses teens' most frequently asked questions about the physical, mental, and social effects of Meth use. Each question is answered with a range of content—more than 350 in all—from interactive facts, videos, animations, image galleries, polls and quizzes, to personal stories from users, their friends and family, and first-hand accounts from experts. is the culmination of six years of campaign development and quantitative and qualitative research conducted with more than 50,000 teens and young adults, including 60 national and statewide surveys, and 112 focus groups. also serves as a platform for teens to connect and share. In the Speak Up section of the site, teens can post their own messages about Meth through artwork, videos, stories, and photos, as well as comment on other teen submissions. Take Action provides ways for teens to get involved to prevent Meth use or find help, and showcases teen-led community action programs across the country.

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