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Brain and Behavior


Montana Meth

is a personal look at the physical and psychological damage caused by Meth, a particularly vicious drug, whose effects range from tooth decay, skin lesions, and paranoia to brain damage, convulsions, and death. The filmmaker, Eames Yates, speaks with several addicts and recovering addicts whose lives have been crippled by this drug.

Executive Producer: Thomas M. Siebel
Producers: Eames Yates and John Loeffler
Director: Eames Yates

March Against Meth

'March Against Meth' profiles teens and young adults from around the state of Montana as they prepare to march on the State Capitol in support of the Montana Meth Project. The film goes inside Montana high schools to show teens stepping up to help gather 55,000 signatures, raising awareness among their peers, and leading the March itself. The March Against Meth is the largest teen demonstration in Montana's history, and culminates in the delivery of petitions requesting financial support for the Montana Meth Project.

Production and Direction: Gita Saedi Kiely, Jenny Rohrer
Editing: Gita Saedi Kiely, Eric Ristau

Brain and Behavior

Watch 'Brain & Behavior' to view the effects of Meth on the brain. 'Brain & Behavior' — a groundbreaking video on the effects of methamphetamine on the brain — explores the biological basis of addiction and the latest Meth research. Presented by UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs, a leading research institution on the topic of methamphetamine and Eyes of the World Media Group, this research-based series presents the most up-to-date information in a compelling and easy-to-understand format. Shot in high definition with state-of-the-art graphics, viewers get an inside view into a brain on Meth.
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