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Georgia Meth Project Claims Successes Against Meth Among Teens; Expands to Create Georgia Prevention Project
4/22/2014 - Announcing New Program: Georgia Rx Abuse Project
Meth Project Foundation Joins The Partnership at
3/13/2013 - Georgia Meth Project to Continue its Focus on Meth Prevention Operating as Independent Organization and Local Member of The Partnership
New Research Cites Meth Project Ads as Effective
3/7/2012 - Study Published in Journal of Marketing Research Finds Meth Project's Approach "Significantly Reduced Future Drug Use"
"Ga. Meth Project and Phoebe Team Up"
2/23/2012 - WALB-TV
"Meth Project Goes Digital"
11/8/2011 -
"Meth Project Starts New Campaign"
11/8/2011 - Georgia Public Broadcasting
Meth Project Goes Digital
11/8/2011 - Launches, a Definitive Online Source for Information About Methamphetamine for Teens—Empowering Them to Learn, Connect, and Share
"Our Crystal Meth Hell"
9/23/2011 -
"Graphic ads turn around Montana teen meth use"
9/20/2011 - CBS Evening News
"Meth Project succeeding in fight against drug"
06/24/2011 - Atlanta Business Chronicle
"Survey shows Georgia teens less likely to try meth"
06/18/2011 - Smyrna-ViningsPatch
"GA Meth Project is working"
06/15/2011 - The Coastal Source
Statewide Study Shows Teens Now Less Likely to Try Meth as a Result of the Georgia Meth Project
6/14/2011 - Georgia Meth Project Release
"Study: Georgians Getting Message About Meth"
06/14/2011 - WSB-TV
"Local drug addict speaks out about success of Georgia Meth Project"
06/14/2011 - WRDW-TV
"First Year Of Georgia Meth Project A Success"
06/14/2011 - Georgia Public Broadcasting
"Survey: Ga. Meth Project Alerting Teens on Dangers"
06/14/2011 - My FOX Atlanta
"Ga. Meth Project Charts Gains Since 2010 Launch"
06/14/2011 - Associated Press
"The Georgia Meth Project's Ad Campaign Appears To Be Working"
06/13/2011 - NPR
"Survey: Georgia Teens More Aware of Meth Dangers"
06/13/2011 - DaculaPatch
"Survey suggests meth ads effective"
06/13/2011 - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"Community Foundation opens spring grant cycle"
03/28/2011 - The Daily Citizen
"Increase in Number of Meth Labs in Georgia"
03/18/2011 -
"Hostage released by faith"
03/12/2011 - The Augusta Chronicle
"Meth labs increasing statewide"
03/12/2011 - The Augusta Chronicle
"Meth lab cleanup cash gone"
03/12/2011 - The Augusta Chronicle
"Meth lab cleanup funding dries up"
03/04/2011 - WALB-TV
"Funds For Meth Lab Clean Up Vanish'"
03/03/2011 - GPB News/NPR
"Meth monster alive, thriving in Georgia"
02/18/2011 - Atlanta Journal Constitution
"SC Tracks Over-The-Counter Drug Used to Make Meth"
02/17/2011 - WSAV-TV
"Meth commercials appear effective"
02/10/2011 - the university echo
"Georgia Meth Cost Billions"
01/31/2011 - WCTV-TV
"Meth abuse costs Georgia an estimated $1.3 billion"
01/30/2011 - Atlanta Journal Constitution
"Former Meth Addict Talks About Overcoming Odds"
12/7/2010 - WSB-TV
Meth Project Named Third Most Effective Philanthropy in the World by Barron's Magazine
12/6/2010 - Meth Project Founder Thomas M. Siebel Recognized on Annual List of "25 Best Givers" and Commended for Significantly Reducing Meth Use
"Meth, Cartels Growing Problem for Georgia"
12/3/2010 - My FOX Atlanta
"Cooper Middle School students win prize for anti-meth video"
11/1/2010 - Marietta Daily Journal
"GWINNETT GAB: DA's Office to host seminar on impact of meth"
10/30/2010 - Gwinnett Daily Post
"Activities promote drug-free lifestyle"
10/29/2010 - The Augusta Chronicle
"Georgia editorial roundup: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer on methamphetamine"
10/27/2010 - Ledger-Enquirer
"Red Ribbon Week: Georgia Meth Project doesn't beat around bush"
10/25/2010 - Ledger-Enquirer
"'The 25 Best Givers' - Meth Project ranked #3 among foundations worldwide"
12/4/2010 - Barron's
"Mother of burned meth lab suspect speaks out about drugs"
9/2/2010 - WRDW-TV Augusta
"Meth Project to hold training sessions"
8/26/2010 - Effingham Herald
"Georgia Meth Project: Graphic ads generate buzz"
8/18/2010 - Columbus Ledger Enquirer
"Anti-Meth Ads To Increase Ethnic Diversity"
8/18/2010 - Georgia Public Broadcasting News
"Georgia Meth Project to host volunteer training session here"
8/13/2010 - Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
"New graduates mentor peers in drug program"
6/30/2010 - NeighborNewspapers
"HALL: Meth Project ads may get them to 'just say no'"
6/19/2010 - Gwinnett Daily Post
"Survey finds many Georgia teens not concerned by meth use"
6/18/2010 - WALB News
"Coalition seeks grant to end drug use"
6/12/2010 - Savannah Morning News
"Georgia Meth Use and Attitudes Survey 2010"
6/12/2010 - Valdosta Daily Times
"South Georgia wages war on meth"
6/12/2010 - Valdosta Daily Times
"Project Targets Youth in Hopes of Preventing Meth Use"
6/10/2010 - WGXA
"Georgia Meth Project Takes on Middle Georgia"
6/10/2010 - WMGT
"Georgia Meth Project hosts forum at Public Library"
5/27/2010 - WTVM-TV
"Columbus becomes focus of Meth Project"
5/27/2010 - WTVM-TV
"Survey: 1 in 5 Georgian Teens & Young Adults Have Been Offered Methamphetamine"
5/27/2010 - WRBL-TV
"Aiken investigators expect more meth arrests"
5/27/2010 - NBC Augusta
"On Your Side: Meth costs taxpayers billions of dollars"
5/25/2010 -
"Georgia Meth Project hits Columbia County; recovering addict talks to 26 News"
5/25/2010 - NBC Augusta
"FOX 5 Special: Surviving Meth"
5/13/2010 - WAGA-TV
"Meth Addiction; Ryan's Story"
5/13/2010 - WAGA-TV
"Georgia Meth Project: The Ads"
5/13/2010 - WAGA-TV
"Georgia Meth Project wants to make you uncomfortable"
5/13/2010 -
"So. GA meth use growing"
5/10/2010 - WALB News
"Georgia Meth Project comes to Effingham County"
5/8/2010 -
"No more 'Methingham'?"
5/6/2010 -
"Georgia Ranks 3rd in Nation for Teen Meth Use"
5/4/2010 - WSAV-TV
"Georgia is Unselling Meth"
4/24/2010 -
"Powerful high from meth attracts users"
4/24/2010 - The Augusta Chronicle
"Students react to Georgia meth campaign"
4/21/2010 - NBC Augusta
"Do graphics PSAs have you changing the channel or glued to the tube?"
4/20/2010 -
"Group: Meth a Danger"
4/16/2010 -
"Forsyth waging war on the 'Devil's drug'"
4/12/2010 -
"Anti-meth event set for Wednesday"
4/10/2010 -
"Billboards get down and dirty about meth"
3/31/2010 - Albany Herald
"Georgia Meth Project works with local coalitions to educate students"
3/25/2010 - Rome News-Tribune
"Georgia Meth Project kickoff draws large turnout"
3/25/2010 - Behavioral Health Central
"Georgia Meth Project Tackling Teen Meth Abuse"
3/24/2010 - WCTV-TV
"Thomasville to ramp up meth battle"
3/20/2010 - Thomasville Times-Enterprise
"Georgia Launches Youth Meth Campaign"
3/19/2010 -
"Local pastor and former meth user weigh in on new Georgia Project ads"
3/15/2010 - WRDW-TV
"Editorial: Meth Project"
3/12/2010 - WTVM-TV
"Georgia Meth Project Aims to Stop Meth Use"
3/12/2010 - WJBF-TV
"Georgia Meth Project launches statewide meth prevention campaign"
3/9/2010 - Savannah Daily News
"Teen attitudes on meth are surprising"
3/9/2010 - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Georgia Meth Project launches statewide Meth prevention campaign
3/8/2010 - Georgia Meth Project Release
Georgia Meth Project releases results of statewide Meth Use & Attitudes Survey
3/8/2010 - Georgia Meth Project Release
"Anti-meth campaign uses graphic ads to warn teens"
3/8/2010 - The Augusta Chronicle
"Ads aim to discourage teens from trying meth"
3/8/2010 - Rome News-Tribune
"Statewide anti-meth campaign underway"
3/8/2010 - Georgia Public Broadcasting
"Dalton youth serve in anti-meth campaign"
11/29/2009 - Dalton Daily Citizen
"Anti-meth campaign seeks $6M"
10/15/2009 - Associated Press
"Group launches meth fight"
10/15/2009 - Georgia Public Broadcasting
"Georgia Meth Project takes aim at abuse among young people"
9/3/2009 - Calhoun Times
"Meth, lab seizures on rise"
5/8/2009 - Chattanooga Times Free Press
"Georgia's attorney general says meth is crippling the state"
4/9/2009 - DeKalb Champion
"One town's story of boom to bust"
4/4/2009 - The Post and Courier
"Monster among us"
3/7/2009 - Athens Banner-Herald
"Georgia's Methamphetamine problem"
2/16/2009 - WABE 90.1FM Radio
"Meth abuse costing Georgia $1.3B annually"
2/16/2009 - Access North Georgia
"Meth abuse costing Georgia $1.3B annually"
2/16/2009 - Cumming Home
"Getting a grip"
2/13/2009 - Cartersville Daily Tribune
"Meth's hidden cost is high"
2/12/2009 - WALB-TV, Albany
Economic Study Estimates Meth Abuse Costs the U.S. $23.4 Billion
2/4/2009 - Meth Project Release
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