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Reports / Research

How Disgust Enhances the Effectiveness of Fear Appeals - March 2012
Journal of Marketing Research Study Finds Meth Project's Approach "Significantly Reduced Future Drug Use"

2011 Georgia Meth Use & Attitudes Survey - June 2011
A statewide survey measuring attitudes and behaviors toward methamphetamine in Georgia.

The Montana Meth Project: "Unselling" a Dangerous Drug - July 2009
Stanford Law & Policy Review article on the Montana Meth Project

The Economic Cost of Methamphetamine Use in the United States - February 2009
RAND Corporation Study Estimates Meth Abuse Costs the U.S. $23.4 Billion

The Economic Cost of Methamphetamine Use in Montana - February 2009
Montana Department of Justice Reports Meth Use Costs the State $200 Million in 2008, Down From $300 Million in 2005

Methamphetamine in Montana: A Follow-Up Report on Trends and Progress, Montana Department of Justice - April 2008
An updated assessment of trends in Meth usage, crime, and other key measures.

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